Q: What is the Music Pipeline Songwriting Competition?

A: No matter what genre, language, or location, we’re seeking great music for score and soundtrack in film, television, and video games. Our finalists are awarded material circulation, prize money, and several other opportunities to help further their career.

Q: Can I submit more than one song?

A: Absolutely! Each individual entry will be placed in our song library and receive written feedback, but you’re welcome to submit multiple songs by submitting multiple times.

Q: How important in the judging criteria is recording/production quality?

A: Placement potential is taken into greater consideration than production quality, though we would recommend submitting the best quality recordings you have. If selection came down between two songs with equal placement potential, other factors like production quality could sway our judges’ opinions in your favor.

Q: Can I submit if I don’t live in the USA?

A: The Songwriting Competition has no location requirements, we’re accepting submissions from all over the World.